In order to characterize the effect of compounds, biological analyses give precious information on the release of the compound and on direct or indirect effect thanks to blood or urine analysis. Samples are collected during the study (specific time points to be decided in the study plan) and/or at the end of the study before necropsy if relevant.

Samples can also be delivered by the Sponsor for specific analyses and Atlantic Bone Screen will advice for the sampling, storage and transport.

Statistical analysis are also applied according to the analysis, the number of samples, the number of animals/patients…etc


  • Evaluation of bone loss in osteoporosis model through the quantification of Calcium, Phosphore, CTXI and DPD,
  • Help in diagnostic of osteoarthritis development through the quantification of CTX II, creatinine, COMP and PIINP,
  • Toxicity evaluation of compounds through the quantification of erythrocyte, leucocytes, blood platlets, hematocrit, hemoglobin, CCMH, VGM and reticulocytes,
  • Exploration of hæmostasis and thrombosis through the quantification of TQ, TCA and fibrinogen.

Atlantic Bone Screen can propose a list of available biomarkers (non-exhaustive list below) but also used to develop and validate specific dosage if needed for our Customers. Do not hesitate to contact us even if your biomarker is not in the following list:

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