We are pleased to welcome Camille Jubelin in our team as a PhD student in the context of a 3-year-doctorate in collaboration with the University of Nantes, with Inserm and with ICO (West Cancerology Institute).
Camille obtained a Master degree in biology, biotechnology and therapeutic research in 2019.
Her goal for the next 3 years is to develop in vitro 3D cell culture models to investigate tumoral progression and apply it to drug screening.
Current therapeutic research in oncology is indeed essentially based on preclinical in vitro adherent monolayer (2D) and in vivo models, but the high failure rate of drug candidates during clinical trials underlines the need to develop better drug screening models. Relevant models are the in vitro three-dimensional (3D) cell culture ones as far as it addresses the weaknesses of in vitro 2D cells culture while avoiding in vivo limitations.
This research project is built around three main tasks:
– the development of 3D models for drug screening;
– the investigation of dormancy and drug resistance mechanisms of tumour cells;
– and the prospect of using the 3D models as part of personalized medicine.
For ABS, this is a great opportunity to enlarge its expertise in oncology and provide innovative 3D in vitro models for screening, characterization of the therapeutic effect and evaluation of the physiological function of our Customers’ compounds.