Beyond the use of the animal facility for the studies performed by Atlantic Bone Screen for R&D or for third parties, we can propose animals housing.

The animal facility has been approved by the DDPP (Department Direction of Population Protection) and conforms with the current regulation (Rural Code – articles R214-87 to R214-137, directive 2010/63/UE). It is regularly controlled to confirm the agreement and to confirm the hygiene (use of sentinel animals for controls each 3 months). Atlantic Bone Screen also follows Federation of European Laboratory Animals Science Associations (FELASA) recommendations and integrates 3R’s rules in the daily management of the structure.

Each project is submitted for authorization especially taking care of the respect of ethical evaluation, use of specific species, competencies and training of the employees, application of the studies to scientific and medical research, conditions of animals housing, animals welfare…

Atlantic Bone Screen is also putting a great deal of effort into the traceability of the data.

All the persons accessing the animal facility should not be in contact with rodent animals for at least 72 hours. Quarantine is applied if needed for animals or for employees.

  • Specific-pathogen-free animal facility meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical industry

  • Secured facilities with card access

  • Separate animal holding rooms for each specie (rats and mice)

  • Ventilated cage racks

  • Capacity max: 3200 mice – 560 rats

  • Surgery room with 5 workstations with gas anesthesia machine

  • Radiology – X-ray, Faxitron MX20

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